It’s a Small World – The Animated Series from Disney

Let’s take a slow water ride to see the world!

It’s a good way to introduce how beautiful they are in many places by taking this ride in Disney park.

In just a few minutes you’ll go around the world enjoy different culture celebrations, Traditional clothing, dancing and singing during the journey.

There are lots of good memories after this trip. We like searching for Disney characters in their country, Mulan was holding a red dragon kite next to Mushu and they were in China. The Leprechaun was in Ireland, Lilo & Stitch were surfing in Hawaii. Aladdin and Jasmine were on a Magic Carpet ride above us. Woody was ridding on Bullseye swing a lasso and Jessie was  playing guitar by many of cactus……

Year of 2012 we found Disney’s “It’s a Small World” Collection by LeSportsac, and in Summer 2014 we saw some of the 16″ It’s a Small World Singing Dolls in the Disney Store.

Now we can watch “It’s a Small World” video.

It’s a Small World – The Animated Series

Just One Moon – Ep 8 – It’s a Small World


It’s a Small World on Disney Videos

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Just One Moon


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