Little Animal Rescuer

One day (2010-0807) when Mili was walking with mom, she saw a Poster on the light pole that one of the neighbor’s little kitten was missing. And they posted the kitten’s picture on the light pole in the neighborhood. After we explained to Mili saying that the Kitten is missing, she started to feel sorry for the cat, and on the way home she started to search for the missing cat. She told us she wants to be a Animal Rescuer.
When we arrived the house, she told us that she can not find the kitten and was very sad. After she entered the house she went directly to her desk and start to draw a small picture (AOi) and wants us to put on our car.
And that evening when we were out, she was holding the letter and tried to show to the cars passing by. At that moment, we could feel the warmest of her heart that she is very kind and thoughtful for others and animals.
Update 2014-1111
After these years, Mili has grown a lot but she remains kind and care about people around her. We are really proud of her.

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