Halloween Safety Tips.

Drawing by Milian. 2012

Halloween is coming this Wednesday, October 31, 2012. Here are some general safety tips for parents taking kids out trick-or-treating!

  • Prepare and plan ahead where you are taking the children for trick-or-treating.
  • Wear warm clothes when going out at night.
  • Both parents and children should have glow sticks or bracelet so people and cars can see you.
  • Bring flash lights and do use them when crossing the street so drivers know you are on the road and take extra caution when crossing the street at night.
  • Bring cell phones or walkie-talkie so you can keep in touch with family or friends go out with your group.
  • Most importantly CHECK all things your children received from trick-or-treating before you give to them.
Have a great Halloween!

Additional information from Police Departments in USA:
NYPD: See here.
Burlingame Police Department in California, USA: See here.

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